Laura Brestovansky, CPRW

Certified Professional Resume Writer/Freelance Writer/Editor in Michigan

Monday, June 26, 2017

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Introducing Laura Brestovansky,

Michigan freelance writer

"Nobody can be successful unless he loves his work."

— David Sarnoff

I am a Detroit-area freelance writer, whose career has seen all the ups and downs that the auto industry has had over the decades. I am fortunate to say that I have always loved my work. Writing is my passion, my reason for being. It is what I was born to do. Let me put my passion to work for you.

My mission is to provide my clients with high-quality written communications, quickly and affordably. With more than 25 years of writing experience, including newspapers, newsletters, brochures, SEO web content, grant proposals, books and more, I have the expertise to give you exactly what you are looking for. Although I have spent all my life in Michigan, I have had clients from all over the world. Contact me today at:  or call 586-382-7532

My work can help your bottom line: My grant proposals have generated thousands of dollars in extra funds for a variety of causes. My other products have helped generate interest (and thereby increased sales) for many businesses around the world.

My history

Based in southeast Michigan, I have worked for several local community newspapers, including the Oakland Press, the Source/Advisor chain of newspapers and the LA (Lapeer Area) View. I have received numerous citations for the accuracy of my work. My clients appreciate the fact that I give them exactly what they want in a timely manner.

My specialties

In addition to writing and editing, I have also been a certified nursing assistant with experience in hospitals, nursing homes and home and hospice care. I am familiar with medical terminology and have experience with medical transcription. I have written on elder care, weight loss, skin care, alternative medicine and supplements. If you need a freelance healthcare writer, I'm the person for you.

Other areas of interest/experience include: insurance, travel, home improvement, crafts and religion/spirituality, especially Roman Catholicism. I am the freelance article writer you are looking for.

Customer testimonial (unsolicited):

 "Great writing, delivered fast. Laura is a pleasure to work with. She consistently delivers on time and on target. I heartily recommend her skills."

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